• What’s happening at “Old Fation Christmas”?

    We have a fun trip coming up on the 16 of December called Old Fashion Christmas! This trip will last from Dec. 16 to Dec. 18.

    We have many things that happen there including:

    • We will be voting for troop positions for the coming year!
    • We will be raking leaves as service.
      • We will be raking leaves, collecting them, and disposing of them.
      • — Please bring rakes!
    • We will have a gift exchange!
      • There are rules for this such as:
        • There is a ten dollar limit on gifts.
        • Please make sure the gifts are appropriate.
        • Please think carefully about what you get as a gift.
        • — If you don’t get someone else a gift, you won’t get one.

    There will be food available (i.e. pancakes, turkey, and biscuits).


    • NO console games.
    • No games while working
    • Must have a rating of teen and bellow


    • PG-13 or bellow.
    • Movies must be approved before watching.


    Movies and games can be taken away.

    Please prepare for cold weather. We will be outside for a while.


    —– The troop is not responsible for any items that are broken, stolen, or lost during this trip. —–

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