• What we did at Summer Camp

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    We had packed up all of the supplies for the week and drove down to Camp. We had to wait once we got there because there were a lot of troops before us. We had to walk up to our campsite and set up everything and pick our tents. We didn’t get to stay at our campsite very long because we had to do our swim tests. After that, we got back to the campsite and messed around. Then, we went to bed. The rest of the week was the same each day. We got up in the morning to raise the flags, then, go to the dining hall for breakfast. After that, we went to the campsite for a few minutes and got ready for merit badges an Timber Mountain. Timber Mountain is a program for first year scouts that helps them with their requirements for Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class ranks. They did things like learn how to tie knots, build fires, and they also went on a hike. The rest of the scouts worked on merit badges all week. At around noon, we had to go to the flag poles for attendance, then to the dining hall for lunch. Then, the same for dinner in the afternoon. Every meal somebody would sing a scout song that most of the rest of camp knew. On Friday you got to do only one merit badge. Then, later in the day had Terra-poloza and Aqua-poloza which were two different competitions against each troop. Terra-poloza was on land, and Aqua-poloza was at the lake at camp. In Terra-poloza, there were five competitions which included: Volleyball, tomahawk throwing, an “angry birds” game, fire building, and four-square. In the afternoon after dinner, we had a campfire were troops could present skits and then people got chosen to join the Order of the Arrow which is like an honor society for Boy Scouts. The next morning on Saturday, we headed out of camp for breakfast. After that, we put away all of the troop gear and got to go home.

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